Welcome to the New CYOGTCG WikiEdit

CYOGTCG has come back the the Chocolate Pi Game Design Forums, and this is the official wiki for its cards. Card will be released as they are played in game, so as to keep an air of secrecy.

However, that doesn't mean you can't add pages yourself. You can create a page for a card creator/play, or make a page logging a duel you had with someone.

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CYOGTCG was originally created by Varkarrus. It was described as 1KBWC (1000 Blank White Cards) with tournament rules. Due to its sucess, it spawned spinoffs like CYOGTCGRPG by Murllyshevo, and CYOGDice by BenBen (the previous incarnation of CancerTurtle). Eventually, people stopped playing and it fell out of memory, until the wise Supernerd rebooted it. It was interupted, however, by the archiving of the Forum Games board on the MSPA Forums. It was brought to several other forums, but was never as successful as on the MSPA Forums. Eventually the substitute the the Games Board was put up, the Chocolate Pi Game Design Forums. After much debate on whether he was up to the challenge, CancerTurtle stepped up to provide the newest incarnation of CYOGTCG.

Latest activityEdit

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